Main rules and rules of games of chance

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OB Holding 1 OÜ online casino game rules

1. General rules
1.1. Gambling organizer
Games of chance as remote gambling are organized by OB Holding 1 OÜ (hereinafter Olybet), registry code: 14975047, address: Pronksi 19 Tallinn 10124, tel: 6 671 250, e-mail: [email protected]. Games of chance as remote gambling are organized via the websites,, and At the same time, Estonian clients do not have access to the services offered on and
1.2. Rules for using the gaming environment
1.2.1. Olybet stores a section "Terms and Conditions" in the gaming environment, which reflects these gaming rules and regarding of which, upon registration of the gaming account, it also takes a confirmation from the client regarding the reading and acceptance of the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are also considered to be an agreement between Olybet and the client. 
1.2.2. Olybet reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time with or without notice. The terms and conditions may be changed, for example, to prevent fraud, to clarify the terms of use, or to bring them into line with legal requirements. If such a change restricts the client's existing rights or otherwise harms his or her interests, Olybet will notify the client in advance of the entry into force of such changes. 
1.2.3. If the client does not agree with the changed conditions, he or she must stop using the gaming account.
1.3. Gaming account, player's rights and obligations
1.3.1. Pursuant to the Gambling Act, Olybet Online Casino is required to identify the persons using the gaming account. The identifiable data is the first name, surname, and personal identification code, and the client cannot use the gaming service before verifying this data. The client's identity is established on the basis of Mobile-ID, Smart-ID, personal identification code with a bank deposit, forwarding a copy of a document, or the LDAP service offered by Sertifitseerimiskeskus AS and client information received on deposit. If this is not possible, the client will be asked to authorize himself or herself by sending a bank authentication service or a copy of the document. If the client's identity cannot be identified or if the client is under 18 years of age, his/her gaming account will not be activated. At the first visit, the client assigns a username and password, which is used to identify him or her at each subsequent visit.
1.3.2. Olybet online casino has the right at any time to request additional information about the account, credit card, bank or e-wallet account, etc., even after activating the online casino player account in order to prevent misuse.
1.3.3. According to the Gambling Act, a person under the age of 21 may not gamble in Estonia. According to the Gambling Act, a person under the age of 18 may not play Toto in Estonia. As a result, it is possible to create an Olybet online casino account in Estonia for a natural person who is at least 18 years old, but it is not possible to play games of chance with such an account.
1.3.4. Olybet assumes that the natural person who created the online casino account is the beneficial owner. Otherwise, the person who created the online casino gaming account is obliged to notify Olybet immediately. A beneficial owner is a natural person who, by taking advantage of his or her influence, carries out a transaction or operation or otherwise has control over a transaction, operation or other person and in whose interest, for whose benefit or on behalf of whom the transaction or operation is carried out.
1.3.5. Each player may only play in the online casino in person, and the transfer of a username and password to another person is strictly prohibited. Olybet online casino has the right to freeze and/or close a gaming account at any time if it is suspected that the account holder does not personally dispose of his or her gaming account.
1.3.6. When playing a game of chance, players are prohibited from using methods or tools that are contrary to good gambling practice (including, but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, or other means that allow the determination, modification, storage, or analysis, depending on the game or part thereof, of the game result, the size of the payout, the chances of winning or the strategy of the game system in use, etc.) or which reduce the winning chances of fellow players.
1.3.7. Olybet online casino staff have the right to restrict a player's betting if a player violates these rules.
1.3.8. Olybet online casino does not give credit to gambling players.
1.3.9. Olybet online casino shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the client as a result of force majeure, power failure, disruption or failure of telecommunications services or networks, or any delay or failure caused by any third party.
1.3.10. If the client discovers a fault in the Olybet online casino gaming system, he/she undertakes to immediately provide information about the respective fault to Olybet online casino client support. The possibility of compensation for material damage resulting from the failure will be considered by Olybet online casino only if the client has fulfilled this obligation immediately.
1.3.11. A gaming account, the last login of which took place 12 months ago, is considered inactive, and Olybet will charge an inactive account management fee of 5 euros for each month. If the client's account balance reaches zero, the administration fee will no longer be charged.
1.3.12. Olybet may unilaterally restrict the use of all and/or some of the products and services by the customer, which includes the right to unilaterally terminate the contract with the customer and close the customer’s gambling account without stating a reason, by providing fourteen days of advance notice thereof.
1.3.13. By navigating our website, the client agrees that Olybet may install certain information on his/her computer, mobile device in the form of "cookies" or small text files that enable to remember the client's preferences. 

1.4. Responsible gaming
1.4.1. The player has the right to set against himself/herself, in a form that can be reproduced in writing and in accordance with the procedure prescribed by Olybet sent to the gambling operator: a maximum loss for one week or one month; a ban on participating in the game for a period of six months to three years.
1.4.2. The player can increase the limit set in clause, but the increase of the limit will take effect not less than 48 hours after making the respective request if the player reaffirms the wish to increase the respective limit after logging in to the gaming account 48 hours later. The tightening of the limit will take effect immediately. When the limit is initially set, the limit starts to run from the moment it is set. When the existing limit is changed, the loss limit changes, but the start time of the limit is not the moment of the change, but the previous time cycle of the limit remains valid. The current limit, the remaining limit, and the time cycle can be seen by the player under their gaming account profile.
1.4.3. The restriction set forth in clause is only possible at the Olybet gaming venue, the ETCB service bureau, and the website. OlyBet online casino does not accept a request for a restriction in writing electronically, as the electronic restriction measures are available to the client in the form of the page. The player cannot withdraw the notification specified in clause 
1.4.4. Olybet is prohibited from accepting bets from a player that are contrary to the restrictions set by the player.
1.4.5. Olybet may unilaterally restrict the use of all and/or some of the products and services by the customer, which includes the right to unilaterally terminate the contract with the customer and close the customer’s gambling account without providing advance notice, if the customer’s conduct in Olybet’s gambling environment and/or the information which the customer has disclosed indicate that the customer is not following the principles of responsible gambling or that the customer may cause harm to themselves by further gambling.
1.5. Payments and payouts
1.5.1. The player has the right to make payments and payouts using the payment methods offered on the Olybet website, and for all payments and payouts, Olybet checks if the owner of the gaming account and the bank account are the same person.
1.5.2. When making a payment to the gaming account, Olybet reserves the right to use additional procedures to identify the client. Olybet carries out additional verifications if the cumulative amount of payments and payouts is EUR 2,000 or more, but Olybet reserves the right to carry out such verifications also for smaller amounts. All transactions are controlled to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.
1.5.3. The client must not treat Olybet as a financial institution. For this reason, as well as pursuant to the Gambling Act, no payout is made to a bank account other than the one from which the payment was made to participate in the game.
1.5.4. Olybet reserves the right to charge a service fee if a client requests a payout from a gaming account without having a bet turnover equal to or greater than the amount paid.
1.5.5. Olybet reserves the right to charge different fees for payments and payouts depending on the payment methods.
1.5.6. Olybet reserves the right to set minimum amount requirements for payments and payouts.
1.5.7. Only winnings that comply with the Olybet online casino gaming rules will be paid out.
1.5.8. Winnings are paid out to the online casino gaming account, and the player can initiate a payout to the payment methods and bank accounts in the selection. The player cannot add bank accounts to the selection, they will be automatically added upon making a successful payment from a bank account. Payouts are only made using the method used by the player to make the payment. Payout will be made within five working days at the latest.
1.5.9. The software and hardware used to operate the game of chance in the gaming software shall ensure that the average amount of payouts made to players as a result of the game is at least 80 percent of the total amount of bets.
1.5.10. Only winnings that comply with the game rules, winning combinations, and their payout table displayed on the game software or on its screen will be paid out. 
1.5.11. The maximum winnings offered in the game software depend on the specifics of the game and the manufacturer's settings and are limited to EUR 500,000, regardless of the number of bonus games currently displayed or possible winning combinations.
1.5.12. The information displayed on the screen as a result of a malfunction of the game software, an electronic or mechanical failure, or manipulation of the game software is not a winner of the game and will not be paid out.
1.5.13. The information displayed in the game software is a visual representation of the winning combination played by the randomness generator. The winning combinations of all game rounds are stored in the database. If for any reason, a visual image is displayed to the player that does not match the entry in the database, the winning combination written in the database will be used as a basis.
1.5.14. The visual objects displayed in the game software (wheels of fortune, targets, etc.) are illustrative, and their sizes do not correspond to the probability of their occurrence.
1.5.15. In case of more complicated failures or suspicion of manipulation of the game software, the payout will be made after the exclusion of the above circumstances by the technical staff of the game manufacturer.
2. Rules of gambling
2.1.1. Casino games are provided by Olybet, but casino game software comes from various gaming software manufacturers. For each game, the exact rules of the game are available in the game guide, which opens under the button marked "i", "Info", "?", "Paytable", etc.
2.1.2. In some of the casino games on offer, players have the opportunity to win additional prizes, as in these games, a part of the bet is added to the prize pool (jackpot) at each time of the play. Jackpot winnings must be confirmed by Olybet and the respective game software provider. All relevant decisions made by the organizer and the respective game software provider are final. The jackpot is paid out in the amount that the game manufacturer's server registered as the jackpot value at the time of winning the jackpot. Olybet does its best to ensure that the value of the jackpot displayed in the game is the same as that of the game manufacturer's server.
2.2. Rules of poker cash games and tournaments
2.2.1. The games offered in the poker software take place between the players, and the game organizer only processes the distribution of cards and cash movements between the players. The game organizer charges a service fee for this, which is called a "fee" in tournaments and a "rake" in cash games.
2.2.2. By registering for a poker tournament or joining a cash game table, the player confirms that he/she has read and agreed to the detailed game rules available in the poker software and in the footer of the Olybet website.
2.2.3. All poker games use the prescribed game chips. Tournaments are played on tournament chips (points) that have no monetary value, and cash games are played on game chips (money) of direct monetary value.
2.2.4. Players playing at one table are prohibited from exchanging information about the cards in hand in any way.
2.2.5. In the event of a suspicion of collusion, Olybet reserves the right to temporarily or permanently deny a player access to the poker game software. 
3. Other terms and conditions
3.1.1. The client has the right to file a complaint about Olybet's activities or use of the service by contacting [email protected] via e-mail. Olybet will process the complaint immediately and respond within 14 calendar days at the latest. If it is not possible to resolve the complaint within this period due to its complexity or other compelling reasons, Olybet will inform the complainant of the reasons for the prolongation of the procedure and the additional deadline for replying. 
3.1.2. If Olybet does not resolve the complaint in a manner acceptable to the complainant, the complainant has the right to file a complaint with the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority or the Tax and Customs Board.