Yleiset säännöt ja uhkapelien säännöt

Approved by Tax and Customs board: 05.03.2018 (ref 12.2.-2.1/00045-1)

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1.1. Organizer
The Organizer of online gaming (hereinafter „online-casino“) is Olympic Entertainment Group AS (hereinafter „OEG“), registration code: 14437516 address: Pronksi 19 Tallinn 10124, tel.: 6 671 250, fax: 6 671 270, e-mail: [email protected], www.olympic-casino.com. The online games of luck are provided by websites www.olybet.com, ee.olybet.com, mobile.olybet.com, eemobile.olybet.com, www.olybet.eu, m.olybet.eu, www.olybet.ee, and also m.olybet.ee. Herewith, in Estonia the access to websites www.olybet.com, mobile.olybet.com, www.olybet.eu and m.olybet.eu is limited.

1.2. Rules of using the playing area

1.2.1. By registration of Gaming Account client agrees to the „Terms and Conditions“ published by OEG in the gaming environment. The „Terms and Conditions“ are the contract between OEG and the client.  

1.2.2. OEG reserves the right to change the terms whether informing prior to changes or not. Among others, the terms may be also changed in order to avoid fraud, or for adding more clarity to using conditions, as well as for getting in accordance with law requirements, or due to the changes in games and bonuses, rules changes in matches/competitions in sports betting of OEG. In case the changes somehow limit existing rights of the customer, or in any other way violate his interests, OEGinforms client about this change in prior. 

1.2.3.  In case the client does not agree to the new changes, he is obliged to stop using the website.

1.3. Gaming Account

1.3.1. According to the Gambling Act of Estonia OEG online casino must identify the identity of the customer, who is going to open a Gaming Account. During the first visit the identification is handled by LDPA-service, provided by Sertifitseerimiskeskus AS, as well as according to the personal data while transferring deposit. If the person could not be identified by the mentioned methods, the customer is asked to identify himself by internet bank or send the copy of ID document. In case the identification fails or customer is less than 18 years old, the account will not be activated. During the first visit, the customer chooses username and password to get identified while future visits.

1.3.2. In order to prevent inappropriate use the OEG online casino has a right to demand additional data about account, credit card, bank account or e-wallet etc. also after the Gaming Account was activated. 

1.3.3. According to the Gambling Act of Estonia it is allowed to use gaming services from 21 years of age. According to the Gambling Act of Estonia a person under 18 years old is not allowed to make sports bets. Therefore, a 18-year-old person may create an account in online casino OEG, but cannot play casino games.   

1.3.4. Each player has right to play casino only personally. It is strictly prohibited to transfer username and password to third parties. OEG online casino has right to close account at any moment if there is a doubt, that customer does not use the account for himself personally. 

1.3.5. Clients are not allowed to use during the game any tools, which contradict the good tradition and common rules of gambling (including, but not only, electronic, mechanical or other tools, which allow to identify, change, save or analyse the game result, withdrawal amount, winning opportunities or used playing strategy, depending on the game or its part) or which reduce the winning possibility of other players.

1.3.6. The OEG casino staff has right to block access for making bets, if the player is breaking present Rules.

1.3.7. OEG online casino does not give credits to players.

1.3.8. OEG online casino is not responsible for possible loss or damage, caused by force majeure circumstances, electicity faults, failure in work of telecommunication systems and networks, or any other failure or delay caused by third party.

1.3.9.  In case of detecting any technical error in OEG online casino system client is obliged to notify Client Support about that error as soon as possible. Refunds of any losses, caused by system errors, will be considered by company’s management only in case present paragraph is totally fulfilled by client.

1.3.10. The Gaming Account which has not been used for 12 months is considered to be closed. OEG online casino charges from closed account 5 eur/month for service. When the account saldo becomes 0, the service charge is not applied any more. If customer have not logged in to his account in 5 years, his account will be automatically closed and all the registration details will be erased.

1.3.11. By surfing OlyBet website, client agrees, that OEG can store some relevant information on client’s computer or mobile device, known as “cookies” (small text files), to preserve client’s preferences.

1.4. Responsible Gaming

1.4.1. Client has right to send organizer a request in written and reproducing form according to OCE procedure regarding himself for: setting the maximum level of loss sum for specific period; activating the ban for gaming valid from 6 months to 3 years. 

1.4.2. Player may increase the limit set in point, but it will be activated not less than in 48 hours after official request, that should be confirmed repeatedly when entering the system next time. The request for reducing the limit is being confirmed at once with no delay.      

1.4.3. The gaming ban activation is possible only in Olympic Casino Eesti AS real casinos, at EMTA service point or on the website emta.ee. OlyBet online casino does not accept digital inquiries, however it is possible to make online inquiry on emta.ee. Client may not recall the request for gaming ban. Organizer is not allowed to accept bets from player who have set a gaming ban for himself.   

1.5. Payments

1.5.1. Player has right to make payments only with personal credit card, bank account or e-wallet. It is allowed to make payments at casino counters only to personal bank account and with ID document.  

1.5.2. During the payment procedure OEG reserves right to arrange additional control of person identification. OCE arranges additional control procedures if the total amount of payment is 2000 eur and more, but OEG has also right to arrange additional control procedure of person identity for smaller payments as well. All transactions are controlled in order to avoid white-washing and financing of terrorism.

1.5.3. Client is not allowed to use OEG as a financial service. Therefore, as well as according to the Gaming Act of Estonia, all payments are transferred only to the same bank account, from which the deposit was made.

1.5.4. OEG reserves the right to demand service fee in case the client has made a request for withdrawal from gaming account without betting turnover and the requested sum is equal to deposit sum or bigger.

1.5.5. OEG reserves the right to apply different service fees along with payment procedures, depending on the payment method.

1.5.6. OEG reserves the right to set maximum sums for deposits and withdrawals.

1.5.7.  Only these wins are to be paid out, which are in compliance with the Game Rules in the OEG online casino.

1.5.8. The win is paid out to the game account where are different possible methods of transactions are available. Withdrawal is paid out by the same payment method the deposit was made. Withdrawal is made in 5 working days.

1.5.9. The software and hardware used for game operating guarantee, that total average sum of withdrawals is more than 80% of the total bets amount.

1.5.10. Only these wins are paid out, which are in accordance to the game description, winning combinations and table of payments

1.5.11. Maximum sum of the win depends on game features and developer settings, and is limited with 400 000 eur regardless the number of displayed bonus games and possible winning combinations.  

1.5.12. Information displayed as a result of slot machine fault or due to electronic or mechanical error, as well as a result of intended manipulations, is not considered as a prize and is not going to be paid out. 

1.5.13. Information displayed on the slot machine represents a visualization of a randomly generated winning combination. Win sums of all rounds are recorded in database. If by any reason the displayed information doesn’t match database records, the information recorded in database will be considered as a priority.       

1.5.14. Visual objects displayed on the monitor (wheel of fortune, target etc.) are illustrative and their value doesn’t comply with reality.

1.5.15. In case of serious faults, or in case there is a suspicion, that slot machine is being manipulated, the win is paid out only after mentioned above circumstances are eliminated by technical support team of game developer. 


2.1.1. OEG offers online games, however the software is provided by different developers. Each game has its exact rules, which are placed in game manual (marked as „i“, „Info“, „?“, „Paytable“, or any other specified symbol). 

2.2. In some games there is an opportunity to win additional prizes, where a part of each bet is shared to the aggregated fund (jackpot). Jackpot wins must be verified by OEG and the relevant game developer. All decisions regarding the jackpot made by OEG or game developer are stated as final.Jackpotis paid out in amount, that was fixed on the game developer server at the moment of jackpot win. OEG does everything possible from own side to ensure that displayed jackpot win complies with jackpot registered on the developer’s server.   

2.3. Poker and Tournaments Rules

2.3.1. The game in Poker Club is played between players. Game organizer (OEG) deals the cards and performs money traffic between players.  Game organizer applies service fe, which is called as „fee“ in tournaments and „rake“ in games for money.

2.3.2. By registration for Poker Tournament or joining the Poker Table client agrees to the „Terms and Conditions“ published under „Menu“ -> „Help“.    

2.3.3. Special assigned chips are used in all poker games. In tournaments the chips do not have real money value, in games for money the chips represent money equivalent.  

2.3.4. Players, who play at the same table, are not allowed to exchange information regarding their cards.
2.3.5. If any players are suspected in agreement between each other, OEG has right to close temporarily or permanently the access for playing in Poker system.


3.1.1.Complaints regarding OEG online casino services or game results are appealed in writing to the OCE management. OEG responses complaints in
 14 calendar days.  

3.1.2.When there is confusion or a misunderstanding of the rules because of slight differences in meaning in the translation of the rules into different languages, the English version of the rules shall prevail.