Prize pool 10,000€!
Play our online Casino this summer and become a Champion!

Earn points to get to the top of leaderboard and win the Champion's title along with generous cash award.

For every 20€ wagered in online casino you earn 1 point to Championship leaderboard.
50 TOP players will get prizes on the final date 31.07.2020!

Choose preferable bet level and win cash or free spins in you preferred group:

  • 1

    Low: Bet up to 1€

    1st Place: 500€
    2nd Place: 250€
    3rd Place: 50€
    4-20th Place: 5€
    21-50th Place: 20 FREE SPINS

  • 2

    MEDIUM: Bet up to 5€

    1st Place: 1000€
    2nd Place: 500€
    3rd Place: 100€
    4-20th Place: 10€
    21-50th Place: 40 FREE SPINS


  • 3

    High: Bet up to 10€

    1st Place: 2500€
    2nd Place: 1250€
    3rd Place: 250€
    4-20th Place: 25€
    21-50th Place: 100 FREE SPINS

In addition, you have a chance to win short-distance prizes in weekly raffles.

Every week on Friday we will raffle 45 cash prizes among all participants.

Low level: 15 x 5€ cash prizes
Medium level: 15 x 10€ cash prizes
High level: 15 x 25€ cash prizes

Championship Leaderboard

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