We know it can be frustrating when someone other than you lands the big one, so this April we are casting the nets out wide for all Fish Party players with three additional jackpots to play for!

How It Works

For the entire month, a special €10,000 Trawler Jackpot will be running across all Fish Party games. If a regular jackpot is won, the €10,000 Trawler Jackpot will be shared equally between all those who have played a Fish Party jackpot in the preceding 24 hours. When the €10,000 Trawler Jackpot has been won it will be replaced by a €15,000 Trawler Jackpot, and when that has been won it will be replaced by a €20,000 Trawler Jackpot!

But that isn’t the only reason to play Fish Party this April! 

  • There is also a special 'Buy 10, Get 1 Free' -offer running across each stake level. So if you play 10 €5 Fish Party SNGs, you’ll get a free €5 Fish Party ticket instantly, and the offer is running across every stake level!

  • Win your first Fish Party SNG tournament in April and we'll give you 10 Free Spins Casino In Poker at Fish Party game!

  • If you hit a jackpot in OlyBet Fish Party Jackpot game in April, we will reward you with a Battle of Malta 2018 package!

Fish Party Jackpot on 1st April

Fish Party

Good luck!

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